Aliens Got My Sally

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Lee Baldwin

I am a novelist. I have waited 25 years to say that, through a half-dozen careers including my own creative copywriting agency in Vancouver, B.C. and Hawaii, a human interface designer in Silicon Valley, a glass artist, and painter of edgy landscapes. It was worth it.

My characters often have a quirky edge, because I see human foibles as the launch point of dramatic conflict. That and a musical ear helps me shape dialog and narrative into rhythms of dramatic reveal, turning points, and cadences.

Escape fiction generally satisfies the reader’s hunger for vicarious experience -- the cool stuff, such as glamorous adventure, epic situations, sex and romance, the future of humanity. Lah de-dah. I get fiendish pleasure whenever can I spice these situations with wry humor.

Some of my work, Next History in particular, I wrote so that people would gain hope, in a way, or at least consider certain ideas in new light. When someone gains a fresh viewpoint from my writing, it fulfills my purpose.

If you have a comment or simply want to say hi, you can contact me at Baldwin Books dot com.

Peace out.