Suddenly Solomon

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About the author

Jeffrey Wesley Landmon

Jeffrey Wesley Landmon -also known to the many in his online circles as ''Jw Hammond'' – was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An early interest in music led him to begin playing the violin in the second grade. He went on to write his first school play in the sixth grade, and has remained passionate about music and writing throughout the course of his life.

At age 20, he moved from Wisconsin, and spent the next two decades in New York City. There, he discovered David Wilkerson’s ministry, and became deeply aware of Jesus Christ. Now, as a member of 'The Remnant' and a host of the Holy Spirit, he is as passionate about sharing his love of the Lord, and the Good News of Salvation, with all.

Although widely praised for his imaginative creativity, Mr. Landmon has maintained his practice of sharing his varied talents and gifts, in both his music and writings, openly and free of charge. As he brings more of his works to publication, it is his hope that he is able to leave a legacy that can be remembered as an honor to the Lord Jesus, one that will be shared by others as a continuing encouragement to those who are still seeking for truth. He considers it a 'Mission Accomplished', of course, if his works also inspire people to Think!