It's Never Over: Poems and Lies

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TL Banks

Hello, Poetry lovers and Pixie Prince fans,

Hopefully, you will find here all of the information that you need about me, the Author, TL Banks, and my work.  I like to think of myself as what would happen if girls could have babies with girls- My parents would be Dorothy Parker and Nikki Giovanni, for sure. 
Just so that you are aware, without having asked permission or being legally affiliated in any way, purchasing any of my books also supports women's shelters in the Midwest and Southern Nevada that house displaced women and children that have been affected by domestic violence or sexual assault. Spending your reading dollars with me not only provides you with a little piece of my art but also helps others in need.  Reading and sharing are fundamental tasks to creating a more artistic environment for all! 
I am a mother of one, essay and scholarship winner for poetry, a self-publisher, a blogger, an opinion columnist, and a halfway decent karaoke singer if there is whiskey involved!
Thank you for supporting me!
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