Escape to the Choccolocco Valley

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About the author

Buck Hunter

Buck's pioneering series is set largely in the fictional future Choccolocco Valley beginning 89 years after a catastrophic event ends our present civilization. His rugged, romantic new pioneering adventure novels are set in what used to be Alabama and beyond. It's a time when man must make or take what he wants, and there is plenty of that!

Buck has been researching his material for the last several years, amassing a library of texts and knowledge. He continues his education every single day to bring you the most thrilling and the most accurate depiction possible of the post apocalyptic pioneer world. He knows much of his material intimately, because he has lived much of it personally. He makes his home in Alabama.

With Buck, it’s not about the buck. It’s about the tale. Get to know and love the characters presented in the Survival Apocalypse series and come to love them as much as the man who only reports what he sees, Buck Hunter. Read and tell others about your experiences with Survival Apocalypse in The Choccolocco Valley!