Unprotected Treks: The Politically Incorrect Blueprint for World Travel

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About the author

Bing Fraser

My name is Bing Fraser, and I have a travelling problem. My 8 years of roaming the world have seen me arrested, held at gunpoint, lose my teeth, suffer a schizophrenic episode, crack my skull open (with the ensuing concussion lasting the better half of two years), get robbed more times than one could fathom, and greet death so many times, the Reaper is on my Christmas card list.

Unprotected Treks is my first book; a compilation of humourous short stories compiled to teach people what NOT to do when travelling the world.

When I'm not ruining my life overseas, you'll either catch me playing football, putting words on paper or keeping the bar company.

If you will allow it, I’d love the chance to introduce a little bit of chaos into your life. Let’s have some fun!