Ghidul Călătoriei spre Lumea Ta Interioară

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Cristina Nicolae

I am an experiential psychotherapist, passionate up the core of my being by the mystery that exists in each and every one of us. I am also a clinical psychologist, with complementary training in psychosexology and the Referencial of Personal Archetypes.

Before all these professional roles, I am a person passionate about people and about my own enigma that shapes my inner world. To understand more clearly the human being, in all its dimensions and complexities, I read, write and paint. I try to reach the Truth, at least closer and closer to it, by experiencing life with all my senses. The Truth is subjective and I can only advance towards the Center of my Being, where ... the truest truth is hidden, the mysteries and the core of my identity, maybe even a part of the core of the whole Universe.

I have been writing for the past 11 years. As a teenager, I wrote about my pain, my delight, disappointments and love illusions. I've been writing differently for a few years now. Sometimes the restlessness and haziness of the soul push me into putting them into words, but the form is different. Other times I write about glimpses of meanings I come to with my life and the Great World. I am inspired by the life stories of the people around me, who intertwine with mine, either in a waltz or in a choir ...

Thank you! That you are, because thanks to you I can transform myself and because existing, is already MAGIC.

What I am is in a constant motion, because what each of us is constantly transforming, like the dough in the hands of a housewife. What I am, is formed in relation to myself, but also to others ... What I was when I started writing this page, has changed ... now I am different, because I put aside the tin sheet of paper between me and Truth.