Brush With Darkness

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Jamie Maltman

I grew up on the fantastical. My mother read me Narnia when I was three, and around the Horse and His Boy I figured out how the letters on the page worked and finished them myself. She also introduced me to the greatest traveler of all, Doctor Who.

By five I delved into Tolkien on my own and never looked back, visiting myriad fantasy worlds. Later, Mary Stewart, Colleen MacCullough and James Clavell transported me back in time to Rome and Asia for different tastes of our own.

I wrote stories, told stories, drew and painted scenes from my stories, participated in stories through games of all kinds, and twisted everything in school to be creative writing whenever even remotely possible. I studied Latin and later Chinese to explore ancient cultures even further.

While double-majoring in Computer Science and Asia-Pacific studies at the University of Toronto, I had the privilege to go abroad to Hong Kong for a year, falling in love with traveling the real world. I spent a decade working with computer data and running businesses in fund travels with my girlfriend and now wife.

When our first son was born, I was reacquainted with the library, and the stories started screaming to get out. And so I’ve decided to release them, to share with you.

When I’m not writing or reading or watching something, I’m learning and playing games with my wife and two young sons, or spending altogether too much time on basketball, namely my beloved Raptors.

We live in the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

I’d love to connect with you at any of my favorite social media sites through the little book icons at the top of the page.

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