Haunted Wolf

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About the author

Nikki Landis

     I've always been an avid reader. In my youth I enjoyed historical romance as well as young adult books, creating a love for the written word and stories that whisked me away to foreign places, intriguing characters, and amazing detail.

     As a result I began writing my own short stories that soon became novels. My favorite genre, the one I love to write in, is romance, specifically in the paranormal, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and young adult genres.

     As a writer of romance, I find the greatest joy and largest challenge is to keep the love interest and chemistry between my characters at the forefront of the book. It's the main theme. The most important aspect of the novel. If nothing else, the reader should never be in doubt of the connection between the lovers, through strife and indecision, chaos and uncertainty, and the struggle of life, against all odds.

     The part I love, the unmistakable thrill, is the development of my imagination, my spin on the romantic relationship between the characters. I enjoy the friction, the longing, the drive to pursue it to completion. I can't wait to see where they go, what interaction they have, and how they fulfill their ultimate conquest.