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Jeremy Kho

JEREMY KHO is an investor, a self-published author, an engineer, and a maths geek, he has honed his logical mind over years of working in the engineering field. A millennial in his early 30s, he has already proven himself adroit at navigating the financial world. He has achieved debt-free status, and he is now building multiple passive income streams in order to set himself up for long-term financial freedom.

He had his first generating passive income stream from investment in his mid-20s using the KISS approach in investing, Jeremy was drawn toward investing and finance by the promise of growth and stability. He had learned from his mentors, while also reading books and taking courses, over time building a compendium of knowledge and tools he is now using to create the life of his dreams. He is a staunch believer in the value of passive income, and he is ready to help you to make your money to work for you.

Committed to sharing his experiences and techniques, and with the launch of Stress Proof Your Money. Jeremy wants to improve people's lives, just as his mentor improved his life, and change their lifestyles to meet their goals, just as he changed his lifestyle to meet his goals!

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