La Capsule Temporelle de Petrohue

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Isabel Delgado-Ruz

As a mother I found very dificult to navigate through thousands of books. I remembered the classical books I used to read with my siblings and the stories we used to listen to such us "The elves and the shoemaker" and wanted to give new generations stories that would make them happy and they could come back to them as grown ups and remember the optimistic message they were given, and have a laugh. The few recommendations I can give when selecting the books for your little ones are these:

 -The words must be outside of the pictures, for easy reading and prevent forcing those eyes. 

 -Reading light over dark background is best, just like with adult books on ereaders.

 -For little ones you can choose books over their age-range. You can read to them and help them memorize. When they grow older they will read by themselves those same stories. Hopefully, the books will drag you back as well.

 -Books with funny ilustrations are the best. They engage young readers and make them want to see the books again and again.

 -Books should not only be for the little ones. Parents how get messages through children books can be entertained as well.