Shards of Venus

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About the author

Tjalara Draper

Tjalara Draper began writing her debut novel at the start of 2016 when the stories in her crazy imagination kept growing. After a few online courses in Creative Writing, she was thoroughly convinced she needed to pursue her all-time dream of becoming an author. 
Shards of Venus, a paranormal/urban fantasy about shape-shifters was the first pick of all her story ideas. 
She's wife to an amazing man who's just been through a career change to become an amazing doctor. She’s also a mother to a spitfire of a daughter, who becomes more creative and outgoing with each day that goes by. 
When Tjalara isn’t writing her next book or tackling laundry monsters and wrestling dishwashing shenanigans, she’s bound to be somewhere flying on wishing chairs, swimming with the mermaids, marking her skin with shadow hunter runes, raising dragons, or being a poison taster for the commander.