Journey of the Maple

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Britney Dehnert

Britney started writing stories almost as soon as she could read and write. She read her stories to classmates, who encouraged her by their enthusiastic and hilarious responses. Often she wrote for fun, sometimes she wrote to amuse, and other times, as she grew older, she wrote because the scene and characters were so clear in her mind that she knew they were just waiting to live on the page. 
Her first novel, Journey of the Maple, was conceived when she and her husband became friends in 2007. The idea was to write a fairy tale that turned the genre on its head after a few chapters. When Britney sat down to write it several years later, it became a fantasy adventure story with romance and a unique style of magic. She also writes children's books and urban fantasy, though she currently also dips into cyberpunk. Check her out at, where you see release dates as well as the writing duels that go on between her and her husband on her blog.