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Rosh Senior

Hi, this is Rosh Senior, a sci-fi and fantasy author, loves to imagine new worlds and galaxies. You can also call me a dreamer, I never mind. With full of curiosity and happiness I live to a new life. I always change myself. My life style is quite different and also my thoughts. I have experienced villages' delicious watery rice to city life's pizza and KFC chicken. I have seen beautiful mountains, green golden crop fields and ponds of villages to highest skylines and metro-rails of cities, even terror areas and jungles of the country. I have heard ghost and royal stories from my villagers, some true incidents and fake. I have enjoyed thousands of village festivals in 22 years. I have visited various cultures and religions, though it is not merciful in the eyes of society. I keep those things as memorable in my heart. 
Now it's about science and fiction. I hope I am going to let you visit to some new worlds through my deep imagination. You would like to meet new things here. You would love to speak to their languages. Sure you will too learn to create things that you never dreamt before.My friends, we are going to transform the world. We are going to see to a mechanical universe.
And yes they are going to be very interesting for each and everyone. Thanks a lot.