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Jose De La Roca

This is where I talk about myself in the third person: 
Jose was born and raised in Guatemala. He has been a proud citizen of the United States of America since 2016. He didn't have a dad growing up but had a great brother by his side. Jose has helped raise his nephews and niece and is a proud parent himself. Jose has been part of the Radio Broadcasting industry for 17 years. He has plenty of radio and broadcast experience and has been part of many popular radio shows.

His writing skills started in college where he wrote many student plays and was part of the theater department at Glendale Community College. The college produced some of his plays, and he was nominated to the KCACTF Region VIII festival in 2003 for his acting skills. When he became a father, he decided to achieve his dreams and started acting and writing again.

He had some questions on how to raise his own son and discovered that by not having a dad he didn't have a point of reference to go by and decided to put his own personal experience to help other fathers with the same issues. At the moment Jose’s main focus is how to be a good role model for his son, nephews, and niece and how to provide a better future for his family.

Jose is also a tall, good-looking male Model with a full set of hair….. Main reason he started in a Great Clips national commercial.