Poems Of Reflection: Hear My Silent Voice, Vol. 2

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About the author

Vanessa Davis

Vanessa Davis is a native of NYC, born & raised in the South Bronx.
She's a wife, mother & grandmother, as well a Spiritual Mother to those entrusted in her care.

Apostle-Prophetess Davis is the Visionary & Sr. Pastor of The Power of Light Deliverance Ministries Global. 
She is a sought-after speaker, due to the strong calling, powerful anointing and her multiplatforms for women's ministry, and their OVERALL empowerment. 
She is CEO of Divine Mantles Publishing & Pictures, an independent publishing & filmmaking company, as well as several other businesses.

As an author, speaker, leader, an entrepreneur, mentor, advocate, activist and poet she uses the wisdom and faith she's gained through the many years as a student in the “Hard Knocks” school of life's trenches. 
She employs these experiences to minister, lead, teach, write, counsel, love on & intercede for others who have been hurt, abandoned, abused, lost, rejected, overlooked, etc.

Recently, Mrs. Davis has been instrument in starting the ministry's Women's Center, "Dorothy's House", which encompasses & incorporates every facet of the ministry's multiplatform vision. 
​​​​​​​"Dorothy's House" has, humbly, in the interest of service, implemented community, outreach & prevention programs to begin offering assistance to those in need. 

Her current books, “Poems Of Reflection: Hear My Silent Voice”, Volume 1 & "Poems Of Reflection: Hear My Silent Voice, Volume 2, BOTH help to form the foundation of her ministerial vision, it’s platforms & her forthcoming book, “From My Ashes To HIS Beauty”.