Silent Night, Lady White

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Brannon Hollingsworth

Brannon Hollingsworth was born to create. An author, publisher, game designer, script writer, art director, and Christ-follower, Brannon is a passionate creator who promotes God in everything he does.

Brannon is the co-author of H20, from AMG Publishers; other works include the comic "Sundered" (Awful Good Games), “Tenet’s Tale”, part of the novel Skein of Shadows from Dark Quest Publishing; “Firestarter”, part of The GuestbookAngel's GlowThe Truth Is Out ThereCold Vengeance, and Ambush (parts of the supernaturally-laced Tenet's Tales series), NodRussian Apemen from SpacePrelude to OkolonaTo Live and Die in DixieThe First Four Years, and last but not least, Robot Dad, an illustrated children's book.

Brannon has been published in the role-playing industry, writing for several publishers: Paizo PublishingSword & Sorcery StudiosGreen Ronin PressBastion PressSovereign PressNecromancer GamesAtlas GamesFantasy Flight GamesEden StudiosSkeleton Key GamesIgnitus InnovationsWandering Men StudiosDark Quest GamesAmbient, Inc., and Citizen Games. Brannon has written articles in several RPG periodicals: Dragon MagazineGaming Frontiers, and The EN World Player's Journal. He co-created of his own game, Untold, called “…a clever idea well executed…” and “Excellent” by Forbes.

Brannon’s work has also appeared in County Extra MagazineA Year in the Country 2018Out-of-Work to Making Money: 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear, and on the websites Atlas Obscura and Unemploymentville. Brannon creates online content for YouTube,,, and others. Recently, a video series he co-created, The PicTrain, was optioned by TBN, the largest Christian cable channel on the planet.