Viaje con Hannah Del Edén a la eternidad

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About the author

italo oliveira

The Author is a government employee, 57 years old, married for 27 years his wife is Adriana, his greatest friend. 
He has two daughters Sara and Hellen, and his central interesting is ancient Greek, Hebrew and biblical Latin, the main interest is eschatology mainly to the understanding of symbols. 
He is a minister of a Church called IMPAR where he has taught the main concepts within this book. 
He became a writer in 2017 his first book was named:  O Terrivel Segundo maior poder do Universo (in Portuguese), which is not available now in this book he studies several psychological tools that Jesus has used and delivered upon his followers, his second book is named Viagem com Hannah do Éden à Eternidade (in Portuguese), this present book is the third one is an English version of the last book.