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About the author

Sam Siv

Sam Siv has profound interest in areas concerning personal growth and spiritual development. He is a philosopher at heart, aside from being a fitness fanatic and adventurer by choice. He is fascinated by dreams; the dream world. 

Sam's daily rituals includes practicing yoga and meditation. He aims to achieve deep inner peacefulness and maintain simplicity in life. Instilled within him is an unrelenting desire to learn and share strategies in life that would inspire everyone to aspire for greatness and realization of their dreams, visions and missions. 

Several of Sam Siv's academic ventures include the following: intellectual neuroscience, positive psychology, health and exercise and weddings. Most importantly, what he truly desires is to be a positive influence to other people. 

The words of confucius inspired Sam Siv with this quote: "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." He encourages all he mentors to pursue their dreams and make incremental improvements towards goal attainment. 

Through this all, Sam Siv has this to say: "If I have played only a tiny part in altering your life, made yet one good influence on you, left you with some brand-new idea, guided you in a new direction, or helped you take that next step on your journey, then I will certainly be greater than satisfied. If you were to leave right here with nothing else, I would certainly intend to leave you with this: Do not die with your songs still in you. There absolutely is nobody else that can sing your tune, but only you."