The Great Balance: Beyond the Balance #1

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Terrene A. Davenport

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As a Jersey native and ambition from day one, Terrene had the pleasure of traveling to different parts of the world early in life. One place in particular holds a very dear place in her heart, Guam. It will always be a second home to her because it's where she met her husband and fell in love. She's always had a natural talent for writing, winning awards as early as elementary school. 

Greater forces prevented her from sharing her talent with the world on many occassions, each time something castrophic prevented it from going any further and all of her work being destroyed. But it seems the light continues to shine on her and finally gave her the vision to begin writing once again, turning fantastic dreams and visions into stories that everyone can enjoy. 

She enjoys reading, dressing in cosplay, visiting comic cons, and inspiring people whenever possible. More importantly, her favorite thing in the world is spending time with her son and husband whenever she has some down time.

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