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KT Bryan

I'm an action, adventure, and romantic suspense/thriller author who enjoys good wine, great art, Tuscany, and a touch of mayhem. (You never know what you might see when you wake up suddenly in the dark.) I'm the author of TEAM EDGE.

The EDGE Of Trust is the first book I ever wrote and I've been very fortunate in gaining some amazing fans and also garnering some really cool awards. About two months after I published my first book (The EDGE Of Trust), my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He's gone through three major surgeries (bladder, spine, kidney) since 2012, and we're not done yet (getting close though!). Your kindness, support, and kind reviews keeps me going on the days I don't think I can. For that, I thank you all. 

My alter ego writes romantic comedy as Katie Bryan. If you like romantic comedy with a Christmas theme, a sexy rich guy, an Irish heroine who mutters in Gaelic, a crazy bet, a long held secret, and lots of pets then chances are, you'll enjoy LOVING LOGAN. And there's more on the way!

And OK, OK, since you asked. I have danced with emus (one emu for less than ten seconds, possibly it was chasing me), lost approximately 42,371 pens (actually it was 10 pencils and 7 or maybe 9 pens - hey, I don't have to LOVE math), was smacked by a glacier (no, I am not the Titanic, and it wasn't so much a glacier as an ice cube tray that fell on my foot), and can claim victory over Hooked on Phonics. I don't wear a corset or write poems (although am quite sure could master both, probably if I didn't want to breathe and learned what a haiku is since it turns out it's not a fancy martial arts term). I have taken the literary world by storm once on a dark and stormy knight (had it not been dark or stormy, the knight would no doubt have given me a well deserved Pullet Surprise). When not writing, I enjoy being a professional disruptive influence and prolific liar. Possibly was Dora The Explorer in another life. Biggest goal in life is to write the "Great American Break Out Novel" and its sequel "Dealing With Acne Once You've Finally Broken Out".

Thank you for reading! (And if you're not reading my books, why the heck not?) Seriously...reading is FUN-da-mental. I have the mental part down so let's have fun!