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C.J. Daniels

A fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, C.J. Daniels has three novels, and a short story in the Lost Planets anthology alongside legendary authors including Ray Bradbury, Philip K .Dick, Edgar Allan Poe. Born in Brooklyn, NY, but living in New Hampshire, C.J. is a comicbook, video game, and crazed techno nerd, with a passion for the classics, as well as everything Star Trek and Star Wars.

Originally a marketing guru and now a double threat - pushing the boundaries in genre literature has always been the excitement of writing fiction. With the DarkLight, and first two books of The Coming trilogy already available, Evolution’s End pushes the boundaries even further with the beginning of the Dark Frontier series. Two hundred years from now, the Dante family is helping the Earth Alliance push the boundaries of man’s expansion into the Solar System and beyond? But what happens when the dangers of space push back.