Urban Legend: Orphan

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J. P. Dailing

While still in high school I got a ridiculously outdated computer, even for its time. It was loud and boxy and didn't even support spell check. But got an idea for a novel and started writing. It was horrible. So I wrote some more, and it was slightly less horrible. Later I got distracted and did other things that weren't writing. I got depressed and wanted to chuck it all away for good. But then eventually I came back to myself, moved to Houston, found the old smoldering embers and reached in to build an inferno.
With my writing, I hope to engage the mind and soul. I have a passion for writing that has remained undimmed for the past decade. I love to write young adult fiction with whispers of science fiction or an edge of fantasy. Story for me isn't just entertainment or a way to pass the time. It expands the imagination, dives into the depths of the human condition, and can lightly touch or brutally ensnare the heart. It all comes down to characters with the choices the make and the values they fight to the end to defend. That's what makes story compelling and worth writing.
When I'm not actively writing (or actively not writing and calling it so), I am found with my wife, re-watching the same TV shows we love, wasting time on my PC playing Kerbal Space Program, Fallout 4, or whatnot, or sitting around just with my thoughts: building characters, worlds, epic feats of valor, crushing acts of betrayal, and twisted deeds of trickery.