A Right to Property

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trip elix

I witnessed the evolution of the internet and have considered it an unparalleled innovation. Along with it came creativity with a leveling of sorts. The story of the individual making a difference for humanity is what the internet provides. It was why Tim Berners-Lee left his creation it to the world. He is the inventor of the web platform. Equally common people now have a platform, and ability to share with others, though the vision of Zuckerberg. After the invention of Facebook that was the first system built by hackers, countless other services came online. It created the platform and a movement for the world to follow.  Marketing and commerce have attempted to co-opt what is free space and implemented a retrofit of security.  Most of these is what makes the very thing that should be for open and free communication so vulnerable. To me, the internet is like the public square, not the wild west.

The internet is a multifaceted tool that is being hijacked for self-interest. Large corporations and government are using the platform to spy on the populations in mass scale. These companies claim that they collect your actions for simple advertising. It is far from that, control and manipulation of the public is afoot.  Did you know you have a pseudo-credit score?  For a few dollars anyone can purchase where you went in your car. They can find out where you reside and who has lived with you.  It doesn’t need to be this way.

I have spent many years as a forensic computer and as an internet security technician. I have used or owned almost every version of every operating system used since the invention of the personal computer.  Along the way, I have sought and met others that are hackers, phreaks, and pirates and have met the infamous before and after their jail sentences. I regularly attend security conferences held by the computer underground, including Defcon, Infosec and others.

My published writings started after befriending veteran author and columnist Andy Thibault. He is a true advocate for many people with no voice. He encouraged me to write and to publish on my own. My future will include more novels and books as long as I have the time to write them.