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Peter Meng

Peter Hsiang-Kai Meng is a scholar and educator, who has dedicated his life to promoting the philosophy of Mengzi, also known as Mencius, in the modern world. As the 75th descendant of the famous philosopher, Peter has a deep connection to the Mengzian tradition and is passionate about sharing its wisdom and values with others.
With a background in engineering and environmental science, Peter brings a unique perspective to his work, blending the principles of Mengzi with modern science and technology. He has founded the non-profit RENYI Corporation to educate the public about the importance of human relationships and how they can be strengthened through the teachings of Mengzi.
Throughout his career, Peter has been a strong advocate for education and has dedicated himself to empowering individuals to live more virtuous lives. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and a Master of Environmental Science in Hydrology and Water Security from the University of Oklahoma.
Through his teachings, writing, and community work, Peter continues to inspire and educate people about the Mengzian tradition, and how it can be applied to create a better future for all. His work has been recognized and praised for its ability to bridge the gap between traditional philosophy and modern society.