Basics of Business Ethics

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About the author

Dr. Samuel James MBA

​​​​​​​Dr. Samuel James MBA

Author (200 books)
​​​​​​​2 Medical & 3 Business Degrees

​​​​​​​Top 20 Global MBA graduate, Deakin Uni, Aus

​​​​​​​Specialist Radiologist academic institutions
​​​​​​​UG medicine from JIPMER (2nd in India and 55 Global rank)


·       MBBS – JIPMER – 1998 -2004
·       PG Diploma Hospital Management – 2009 -2010
·       Radiology Residency – Dnipro Medical Academy Ukraine – 2010-2012
·       Certificate in Christian Apologetics, Biola, USA -2018
·       Change Management – Johns Hopkins University, USA
·       PG Program in Management – IMT Ghaziabad - 2021
·       Global MBA – Deakin University, Australia – 2022
·       Foundations: Data, Data Everywhere – Google – 2022
·       Foundations of User Experience Design – Google – 2022
·       IBM AI Foundations for Business - 2023

​​​​​​​My other PEN NAMES:
​​​​​​​1) Samuel James MD MBA - 
​​​​​​​2​​​​​​​) Samuel Inbaraja S - 
​​​​​​​3) Dr. Samuel James MBA -

​​​​​​​Dr. Samuel James: Visionary Leader, Prolific Author, Empowering Force
Dr. Samuel James, MBA, is not simply a leader; he's a catalyst for success. With experience honed at Deakin University in Australia, his expertise in leadership consulting has ignited the potential of countless individuals and organizations, propelling them to achieve remarkable heights.
But Dr. James' passion for growth transcends the boardroom. As the author of over 100 books, he generously shares his insights with the world, illuminating paths to personal fulfillment and professional triumph. His prolific writing reflects an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a quality he readily imparts to all he encounters.
More than just a leader, Dr. James is a builder. He constructs environments where individuals and teams flourish, forging relationships based on trust and mutual respect. His mentorship empowers others to discover their own strengths and navigate challenges with newfound confidence.
Dr. James' impact extends beyond impressive resume entries. He is a source of inspiration, radiating a genuine passion for the potential of others. His infectious enthusiasm and unwavering belief in human capacity leave an indelible mark on everyone he meets.
Whether in the consulting room, on the book page, or simply during everyday interactions, Dr. Samuel James exemplifies the true essence of a leader. He is a visionary strategist, a compassionate coach, and a boundless source of inspiration – a guiding light on the path to remarkable achievement.

​​​​​​​He is into writing books and his area of interest includes Christian spirituality/theology, Christian apologetics, comparative religion, Diagnostic Radiology, travel and cooking.

​​​​​​​He has completed "The Writing Essentials" course from Christian writer's guild, in order to prepare himself to the realities of writing and publishing books.

​​​​​​​ He is an evangelist who shares the good news of Jesus with people who he comes across at work and travel. He preaches in churches,whenever God opens the door. His hobbies includes photography, cooking, watching TV and listening to music. He is guitarist who completed grade three in classical guitar. He uses his guitar for personal and corporate worship. He likes melodic metal, soft and hard rock.