The Sweet Devil:- A Guide To Effectively Abandon Sugar

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Miguel Martini

Miguel Martini has vast Medical Experience and in-depth knowledge of Alternative Medicines, Consultation and treatment advice on Lifestyle disorders and general ailments like hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, hyperglycemia, obesity, calculus, feminine disorders, hair, and scalp treatment, skin disorders, poor memory, infertility, addictions, insomnia, depression, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, essential oils, holistic living,  health, nutrition, fitness, skincare, spiritual healing, alternative healing practices, allergy, etc. based on diagnostic and physical (Prakruti/Doshas) evaluation.  The Ayurveda and Natural treatment database of knowledge about patient, disease, diagnosis, pharmacology, and therapeutics may be extremely useful not only for a comprehensive and holistic treatment but also will play a vital role in creating 'Designer' Medicines. The ancient knowledge put to the test of modern science will lead to the emergence of the Future Modern Medicine.