Adventures of a Lazy Campervan Cook

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About the author

Summer Bourne

Summer grew up in London and has followed many different careers from technical copywriting through to being a house therapist (somebody who can ‘cure’ unhealthy houses). However, she has always been passionate about natural health and cooking good food was an essential part of that.

Her passion for nutritious food also came out of what she learned when she cured herself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as nutrition was a key part of that process.

So, when Summer and her partner Glyn got their first campervan in 2014 and fell in love with the campervan life, she wanted to be able to carry on cooking real food when they were out on their travels.

As she adapted and developed new campervan-friendly recipes she thought that it would be great to share these with other campers and anybody who wanted a quick easy meal for a weekday night. So, Summer now blogs and writes books as The Camper Cookie, sharing her recipes and tips for the camping life.