Damascus Redemption


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About the author


Richard is an ex-member of the Parachute Regiment who became involved in the secretive world of the private security industry in post Gulf War II, Iraq. Since then, he has worked in Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and many other hostile environments, continually at the tip of the spear as the intelligence services fight the Global War on Terror. 

To underpin his empirical experience of terrorism and insurgency, Richard has continually studied, achieving degrees from University if Leicester in Security and Risk Management and most recently a masters degree from St Andrews in Terrorism and Political Violence.

His work as a management consultant in the field of Risk Management, Organisational Resilience, and Counter-Terrorism for NGOs, United Nations, commercial companies and government organisation takes him all over the world. The up-to-date information that he amasses from his substantial network of contacts and on going research, allowing him to comment accurately on one of the biggest challenges currently facing the world today: Terrorism.