Retail The Second-Oldest Profession

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About the author

Flora Delaney

Flora Delaney is a former retail merchandising executive with over 25 year of experience working for brands as large as Best Buy (USA) and Ahold (Europe) and as small as single-store boutiques. As a consultant, she travels the world to help retailers re-discover what makes them successful. She works with store leaders to reinvent their customer experience and create loyal customers and profitability. Flora’s optimism, easy-to-understand approach and humor energizes senior managers, business owners and casual staff members to make changes to improve their store. 

Her clients include Target, Whole Foods, PetSmart, The Good Guys (AUS), Family Dollar, Dell, Petco, Sears, and many small chains and nice shops. She is a sought-after speaker at trade events and retail meetings. 

At the insistence of past clients, Flora has documented what the best retailers know and how everyday retail employees, department heads and store managers can make their store more profitable as well as a more fun place to work and shop.

Like Good to Great and The One Minute Manager, store leaders across every channel are sure to turn to this essential book again and again to answer questions and solve problems.