The Wonders Of Grace

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About the author

Apostle. Evangelist Eraga E. Jacob

Apostle Evangelist. Eraga E. Jacob is an offspring of Faith, and a man of Grace; plain, and has insight to the revealed truth. He strongly believes in God, and that all puzzles of life answer to God in mystery. He is the founder of “Grace Assemblies of Christ-World Wide (a.k.a. Grace Tabernacle of Christ).

He swaps the world with his stringent anti- Corruption crusade Movement through the preaching of the message (Word) of Grace and truth (John .1: 17), walking against ungodliness for unspotted life (salvation)

In undertaking this phase of his divine order, the Apostle uses different medium which include: hand bills, audio CD, tapes, books, elocutions for his out-reach changing the world.

Apostle Eraga Jacob hobbies are: Reading, Running, Reasoning and Writing (RRRW).He has written several books on different endeavors impacting lives. He hates excuses, what only sees the reasons we cannot proceed, and he sees discouragement as the courage to work harder. He is also a synonym of kindness, and he rules his word.

 Apostle Eraga E.  Jacob is a minister, a teacher and a resourceful entrepreneur. His registered trade mark is AIJ.

Mrs. Eraga Faith Lawrenta is his wife. Their marriage is blessed with children: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Jnr. They love almost as much as he does