La musique transforme l'eBook Comique

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About the author

Tiwanda Lovelace

Lovelace is also the Author of these controversial publications which reflect the entire process; from the start of a career in music, to the battle with the courts. These titles and programs are compiled using a lifetime of experience, based on actual events. reflect the entire process and expose the atrocities from the start of a career in music, navigating the Gatekeepers, to the Contract and to the Battles with the Courts.

All other products about the entertainment business and big business are always from ‘safe’ perspective, so it is more likely that those who are connected directly to the business will not author products that may jeopardize future business dealings. We address every aspect of doing business and how to survive it!

We offer multiple intertwined, products and programs that educate and expose the actual inner workings and methods used by most industry professionals.