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Scott Engler


Since enrolling in graduate school in 2009, I had spent an astonishing amount of time in the pursuit of work in my specific field. I continued to hear more stories from friends, family, and acquaintances that experienced the shame, anger, and lowered self-worth that comes with continued rejection and an inability to provide for oneself. The decision to write the book “The Job Inner-View” came to me as sort of an epiphany one morning in late 2012, as I wanted to write about all the different successful and creative methods I used to find work in hopes that it could help encourage and inspire millions of other unemployed Americans. Throughout the course of writing my book, I was able to interview various well known and highly experienced employers; gaining both insight and feedback on how one should go about finding work in today’s economy, as well as recurring similarities in success stories from employees I interviewed who found work.

A major concern that seems to go unaddressed with job searching today has to do with the exceptionally fast degree to which technology has advanced, which I believe BOTH employers/employees alike are struggling to catch up with for various reasons. Many companies now use computers to sort through specific keywords to sift through the thousands of resumes they receive a week. Typical job seekers spend hours filling out application after application and will hardly hear back from a human being in order to establish a quality connection, which research shows is essentially why people are hired for jobs. My mission has been to create an innovative way for both employees/employers to connect more quickly and proficiently. One of several methods I currently use to carry this out is my blog site and

Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/TheJobInnerview where I share success stories of newly hired individuals, as well as postings from both jobs offered/needed from mutual contacts and friends of mine to help bring people together through social networking. I also began contacting Universities and spoke to graduate students in helping prepare them with tools for finding work upon graduating.

~ Scott Engler

Author of “The Job Inner-View”

“When we give from a place of love, rather than a place of expectation, more usually comes back to us than we could have ever imagined.” ~ Susan Jeffers