Twisted Vengeance: A Supernatural Thriller

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Jeff Bennington

Jeff Bennington is the bestselling author of supernatural thrillers like REUNION, TWISTED VENGEANCE, CREEPY, CREEPY 2, and CREEPY 3. The CREEPY series is a unique paranormal collection that blends true ghost stories with short supernatural tales that will keep you up at night.

Jeff's novels have been compared to Koontz and King by his dedicated fans, and although many writers would love to hear such praise, Jeff simply turns red-faced, shakes his head and walks away. Mr. Bennington is a student of the craft, and hopes to perfectly pen a novel that balances fear, hope, tension and the state of the human condition so that every reader who reads it, weeps for days, nearly suicidal that it had to end. But until then, join him on the journey, and discover the many stories that have ravaged his brain in their struggle to get out... and they will escape... at any cost.

LATEST NEWS: The Secret Tree, co-authored with Patrick Bousum is NOW available in the Kindle store and print. Coming to audio soon!

WHAT'S COMING NEXT? Jeff will release MISSION UNDER FIRE in late summer - 2013. Mission Under Fire is a memoir co-written with Jeff's father-in-law, Rex Byers, about the terrifying events that unfolded on a mission trip to Haiti. After arriving in Port au Prince, the team endured a violent gun battle with a Haitian gang of bandits, with nothing to defend themselves except knives, coke bottles, and prayer. This is truly an amazing story of determination, faith, love, and ultimately forgiveness.