Wednesday, and Other Dark Tales

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About the author

Harlan Plumber

Sometimes you just need to put on a different hat to express yourself. For Harlan Plumber it must be done metaphorically, because he's not much of a hat guy. Musses the hair, ya know.

Harlan lives in Colorado and writes under a variety of names, depending on the genre. If you knew what other books he'd written (and for what audiences) you might scratch your head.

And listen, just because he occasionally writes pretty dark fiction, it doesn't mean he's some sort of Morlock, living underground, breeding creepy thoughts all day. But when it's time to write, he's happy to tap into that shadowy world.

He loves to hike (thus the home in Colorado), discover old books that weren't on his radar when they originally came out, and cook. His top four favorite trips/experiences are:
1) Machu Picchu
2) Stonehenge
3) Cinque Terre
4) The Woolpack Inn (a pub) in Chilham, England

Enjoy the stories.