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Brian Gallagher

I like to keep things simple. Simple Man Guide began as a book to help others simplify priority number one: health. I wanted to help others eliminate body-related stress by providing a simplified eating and exercise plan. Having a body that is strong, lean, and functional frees up mental energy to focus on the main goal of life: to have fun!

To help others have fun too, I opened a boutique fitness facility in New York City called Throwback Fitness with my friend, Ryan Wilke. Our mission: use recess to make life fun for everyone. We were tired of our own fitness routines, which had become boring, and well – routine. We had an idea to inject fun into our workouts using competition, so we decided to leave our corporate jobs (I was actually told to leave!) and give the entrepreneur path a shot. We have spent the last three years helping others transform their bodies (check these out!) and enjoy exercise.

Being happy in my new career allowed me to analyze how I spent my time. I quickly realized that I sought simplicity in every aspect of my life, from money, home, travel, possessions, and wardrobe. This has played a large part in helping me live life independently – independent of a corporate job. I know many strive for the same, so I’ll share everything I can to help those that seek the freedom to spend their time any way they choose. If I can inspire one person to leave the corporate world behind and start building a life that makes them excited to wake up each morning, then I’ll consider Simple Man Guide a successful endeavor.