I Know I Can Fly: The Boy That Thought He Could Fly

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About the author

Rasmee Yasin

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Rasmee Yasin been exploring the depths of his imagination by writing stories since he was very young. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Rasmee stepped away from his job in 2012 to follow his dream. Together with his wife, they started Moonlight Homes, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Rasmee earned his Associates Degree in digital film making from the Living Arts College and has never stopped writing. As a writer, he is willing to enter almost any genre. Writing has always been a way to create new worlds. Rasmee never has seen a world he would not explore. That creativity is now in his four children. I Know I Can Fly is a collaboration between his twin 4-year-old boys and himself and is about the unlimited potential our children have. 

Rasmee enjoys spending time with his children and helping others rise to their true potential. A self-described Life Coach. When not being asked to speak at events, Rasmee can be found on the baseball diamond coaching his team to victory. To find out more about Rasmee you can follow him