Action Beats Fear

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Kristian Hartmann

Born in 1987 into a middle-class family and diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or ASD, Kristian Hartmann is an entrepreneur who found his passion after working in several jobs that he did not suit him in combination with the experience that came after his first marriage failed. Fed up with his existing circumstances that threatened his well-being, he questioned himself and analyze the reasons of his unhappiness and failures. In order to get a better perspective, he started reading books and articles about other people that achieved success in all areas of their lives. It wasn’t until he successfully digested those life transforming materials did he realize that these people had similar situations of hardships and disappointments just like him and every other individual. 

However, it dawned on him that they had a unique way of dealing with those issues and getting the results they desired, which distinguished them from the rest. Instead of complaining and doing nothing, he learned that they picked vital lessons from their mistakes and those of others, and transformed their lives for the better. Having arrived at this realization, he had his eureka moment and was inspired to take financial and entrepreneurship courses before his venture into real estate and writing career, with the aim of sharing his knowledge with others. He firmly believes that through acts, and as he does something that he is incredibly passionate about, the lives of those he reaches out to will be greatly improved.

Kristian Hartmann intends to shed light on the area of creative content development as a strategic business tool that can be harnessed by anyone determined enough to succeed. Through this approach, he seeks to liberate those that are still stuck in creating unique business models via content creation that will appeal to their patrons. Having created successful businesses for himself with his tested and trusted trade secrets, Kristian Hartmann strongly believes that such secrets applied in one’s business will yield nothing but success. Even though we are all born with a limitation like the syndrome that he has, he wants to demonstrate to you that your strengths are capable of overcoming what you believe is your weakness.