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David Arthur Walters

David Arthur Walters is a poor man's writer-wunderkind who takes on the philosophical big guns of our age with sleight-of-hand logic and epistemological flourishes worthy of Foucault. But don't let that fool you. In a pinch he can write a play based on La Dame aux camellias, no doubt inspired by Dumas, and render sidewalk chalk-art tres chic after Picasso. Baudelaire could easily have been his drinking buddy if we were to imagine time in reverse, which Mr. Walters compels us to consider through the Ouspenskian lens of Eternal Recurrence and other stuff worthy of a Dali painting a la melting clock faces. Herein lies the genius of David Arthur Walters, jack of all trades and master jester of Nan, that far-off land in which lived the holy fool of William Blake's prodigious imagination. Writer, dancer, word-artist, satirist, and clown, David Arthur Walters brings it all to the page, compelling us to wave our hand-fans in astonishment at the nerve of the man, the impropriety, the utter genius of his whackadoodle mind. May his works live on in the annals of Time! 

Melina Costello, Author of Seeking the God of Ecstasy: A Spiritual Journey of Sexual Awakening, Tutti-Frutti Town: Blinky Blueberry Finds A Friend