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Orencia R. Bulze

Orencia R. Bulze is a Caribbean born writer who hails from the tiny 32 island chain called St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Orencia was raised in a Christian household by loving parents along with her three siblings. Orencia has a very large extended family on either side of her family tree. She is very much a family person and often speak about her relatives with a light in her eyes. Although she is very fond of her family, there was a time in her life where she felt unloved, unwanted and rejected within her family. Orencia’s first published work called CAGED: Your Scars His Purpose is a testimonial that chronicled her life and the things that she has gone through in life to become the confident woman she is today.

​​​​​​​ Her faith in God is the foundation of her life that kept her through the years. Her faith in is the catalyst that helped her to see herself the way God saw her. Orencia overcame the torment of rejection when she surrendered everything about herself to God. Her yes to God opened her eyes to the truth about the unchanging love of God that chases us down to have relationship with mankind. Orencia is not only an author but a speaker, on a mission to help people see the reality of their dreams. She believes that everything we have gone through in life whether positive or negative is to help someone else on the journey of life. She believes in the power of transparency because it was only when she became transparent that we found freedom.