In-House Training for Google Ads - The Core Essentials of Top-Producing Campaigns in 2021

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About the author

Christopher Warren

Christopher has a passion for assisting small businesses to succeed.

He’s been using Google Ads and Adwords since 2008 and has 24 years of digital imaging and online experience with 15 years of sales and marketing experience.

Through a team-oriented approach, he’s created and managed national and local Google Ads campaigns in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Feeling that much of the “how-to” materials available for Google Ads are confusing or don’t fully reveal all the elements of successful Google Ads campaigns, Christopher works to explain Ads with easy to use, common sense methodologies which are quick to implement and provide consistent and ever-increasing results for small businesses.

Christopher advises on and manages Google Ads accounts while also assisting with branding, messaging, content, landing page design and user experience for all types of campaigns.