101 Amazing Scenarios That Test Your Ethical Boundaries

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Maximo Montoya

Maximo resides in a well-maintained igloo located in the Sahara Desert. He enjoys his life on the unbeaten paths strewn with corpses of mundane and unoriginal authors. With heavy army boots, he treads and stomps through the daffodils. He is able to easily finish a side of bovine in less than 30 minutes---raw----chased down by a six pack of diet soda.  Always up for the latest challenges thrown at him by ne'er-do-wells and geeks from all corners of the globe, with synapses firing 10 times faster than the average homosapien. He has no downtime as he is busy counting newly formed stars in distant galaxies.  He looks forward to creating more amazing scenarios for you average humans. You don't  need to verbally thank him because he can already read your minds.