Divinely Guided: Faith, Love, Hope, Peace and Joy

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About the author

Amber Richhart

Amber Richhart is a poet, writer, model, and author of multiple great books.

 She resides in Indiana and has a love for poetry and the arts . She have written an inspirational book named,

 “Divinely Guided,” which surrounds and entails the subjects of faith, love, hope, peace and joy. While this book offers an inspirational message of love and acceptance through Jesus Christ. This book is based on Christianity and love. It is a good read for anyone wanting to learn more about Christianity and to deepen their faith and strengthen their relationship with Christ.

She has also written two poetic books that are anthologies, which are collections of poems from multiple authors complied together in one beautiful work, such as “The Sugar Orchard, and “The Essence of a Pearl.”

Both these books dive deep into the depths of femininity and emotions that women feel through life. Such as love, joy, and bliss as well as exploring the sad poetic symphonies of pain, grief and loss. These two books have words that will touch your heart and soul. As well as words of wisdom, heartache, love and grief, that we have all felt through our lives. The words she uses reflect such deep emotions that you will have cried the tears she's cried and shared the joy and feel as if you have encountered these life experiences yourself.

Amber Richhart uses such passion and poetic expression when she writes that the pages are engulfed in raw emotions. Anyone who reads her words from any of her poetic books can always relate to the emotions that are incased in her lovely heartfelt books.