Mister Posted and the Brain Freeze Goddess

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Carl R. Jennings

Carl R. Jennings is a man who tries to arrange words in interesting ways but, more often than not, they’re merely confusing and unsettling. Carl R. Jennings has been published in numerous magazines such as Phantasmagoria Magazine and Grievous Angel, and in several anthologies from companies such Third Flatiron, Shadow Work Publishing, and Gehenna and Hinnom Books. When not writing, planning something to write, or working out what to write, Carl R. Jennings spends his time chastising himself for not doing one of those three things.

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Carl R. Jennings is also a regualr Film/TV/Book reviewer for Phantasmagoria Magazine. You can find the issues on Amazon (both digital and physical) and the Forbidden Planet store in Belfast. Pick them up for for a dose of wit.