Love Your Own Life, Not Others

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Kate Summers

A bit about me

I am 35 years old.   I was originally a teacher so I have always been interested in learning and helping others. I have been actively working to educate men and women in the importance of mental health.  What started me in this area was being given a second chance at life.  As Brendon Burchard writes this was my “Golden ticket.”  In my 20’s I survived a tragic traffic accident.  My beautiful Husky Malamute gave his life to save mine and my family. My young son and husband were saved when my dog jumped on them to cover them and ultimately save their lives at the cost of his own.  

It was after this tragic accident and his sacrifice that I really appreciated that my true purpose was to help others who are suffering.  I guess I have learned mental health the hard way from my own experiences with TBI and PTSD