Sweet Christmas Wishes

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About the author

M.L. Crichlow

Being the mother of two beautiful angels has set me on a path to be the best me I can be.

Their innocence inspires me to love, dream, hope, pray and believe, but most of all to stop marely existing and live.

Part of the journey includes following my biggest dream. I want to touch and inspire people with my writing. I want to dare them to dream and believe in possibilities against impossible odds, especially where true love is concerned.

Writing is a skillful art which I love. My desire is to become great at it by continuing to learn and develop what I can do with my words. I have a love for poetry and songs with nice beats and deep lyrics. I see light at the end of black rainbows even after the sun goes down.

I believe that everyone is uniquely special even if circumstances and situations (directly or indirectly) cause us to be less than who we are meant to be.

For years I fought an internal debate over which path in life I should take. Finally my heart and my head have reached a decision/agreement. So now I write.