Wenn Sparfüchse den Planeten retten

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R.A. Dalkey

R.A.Dalkey (nom de plume) was born in Cape Town, holds British citizenship and now lives halfway up a steep, wooded incline on the edge of Vienna. Since growing up in the euphoria of post-Apartheid South Africa and settling (Brexit-permitting...) in Austria at 35, he's lived in the USA, Australia and the UK.

An incorrigible dreamer, he's driven outback trucks in Australia, spent two years trying to be a professional golfer and slept rough everywhere from Monte Carlo to Siberia, visiting over 70 countries along the way. Including Ireland, where he cracked up every time he rode the DART train past Dalkey, and an author name was born.

As for the occasional bout of work, he's known to do his fair share of editing magazines and writing. His words have been published by GQ, Reader’s Digest, The Sunday Times, Australian International Traveller, Reuters and Sports Illustrated, to name just a handful.