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Johnson Stiff

Our need for sexual gratification is universal. It crosses all races, genders and cultures. In a technological world, it is the last vestige of the juggle in our everyday lives.

I write erotic tales with a strong sexual content, but they are also stories about people. Their lives, their hopes and dreams and yes their desires. We all have different levels of sexual drives, preferences and acceptances. What is normal for one individual can easily be repulsive to another. My writings explore human sexual needs and how people balance between the conflict of their lifetime goals and their carnal impulses which could destroy everything that they hold dear.

I am a father of five and a grandfather of four. I have been writing a longtime, but the Johnson Stiff books are my first attempt at erotic romance and adventure. Johnson Stiff is of course, not my real name. I have walked many roads and worn many hats and I try to use my experiences and insights to bring you colorful characters and genuine settings and situations.

All of my narratives are fictional. Some spring from just a sliver of a concept. Others come close to reenactments of actual events camouflaged with a few enrichments. I challenge the reader to tell me which is which?

If you like my writing, please let me know. If I am failing in some aspect of storytelling, please correct me. I don’t welcome criticism, no writer does, but it comes with the gig. If you have a favorite character email me. I will check the wispy fog of my memory banks and try and coax out another adventure for you. Above all, enjoy!

Johnson Stiff