The Successful Student

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About the author

Cyril Mugove Siringwani

Pastor Cyril Mugove Siringwani is the Senior Pastor of Home of Salvation Ministries. He received the call from God to start a ministry in 2002 in a ‘road to Damascus’ experience. Before starting Home of Salvation Ministries, he led a number of churches in Midlands Province in Zimbabwe, preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus under an International Ministry. The call to start Home of Salvation Ministries was re-confirmed in 2012, leading to the birth of this ministry. Pastor Cyril is gifted and called to transform lives, communities, and nations through teaching and preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He holds a Diploma in Christian Leadership from Team Impact Christian University (USA).

Pastor Cyril holds a Master’s degree and is a Director and Board Chairman of national organizations based in Zimbabwe. 

Pastor Cyril co-founded Home of Salvation Ministries with his wife Pastor Anna Maria.