The Angel of My Heart

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About the author

Sandy Johns

About The Author

As a child growing up, my parents taught me to Love and Respect not only my friends and family but all people and animals. This lesson in life has been with me through all my childhood and right through my adulthood.

If anyone I know is ill or needs something I am always there offering to help anyway I can.  Both my parents were always doing the same with people. I love my parents very much. In 1992 my father passed away and it was devastating on my family. With just me and my sister we had to make sure my mother was cared for.

My mother was such a wonderful good hearted person would give the shirt off her back to help anyone.  That goodness has rubbed off on me and the love she had not only for people but for animals.

We had a couple dogs growing up, Poodles which were part of our small family. We loved them dearly . It was so devastating when they passed away.Then I had to face the passing away of my first Yorkie after I got married, I felt I would never get another dog.  I fell in love with Sam then again had to face another death. It took the life right out of me. My love for Sam was so great I would of given my life to save his if I could. He was so tiny and yet so smart and understood everything without being trained. I did everything in my power to keep him alive and happy that’s why I felt it so important to write about it. Hoping I may be able to help others if faced with a similar circumstance.

My life will never be the same without Sam in it, but I have my husband, son, and daughter-in-law by my side to get me through it.

The Angel of My Heart will forever be in my heart. Sam left a paw print in my heart that will never be taken away.