El misterio de las Pirámides Negras... ¡resuelto!


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About the author

Cornel M. A. van Strijp

Cornel M. A. van Strijp is an investigative reporter who writes about mysteries from the past and present. His work is rigorous, scrutinizing all available information and criticizing any flawed ideas, unsound hypotheses, and deficient research. While never purposely engaging in sensationalism, he is not afraid to discuss controversial topics.
The author consistently makes every effort to give the reader as complete a picture as possible of the mystery at hand. He presents all relevant opinions and hypotheses, as well as all pertinent facts or, in their absence, logical assumptions, established by scientific and expert research. With his work, Van Strijp aims to denounce hoaxes perpetrated, or sustained, by pseudoscientific authors and investigators, and to offer scientifically derived explanations for popular mysteries.